A basic layout for the Q GUI has been developed with the following parts:

  • Admin (for user preferences)
  • Functions (a collection of functions both global and user specified)
  • Variables (a collection of variables both global and user specified)
  • Favourites (an area for a collection of selected objects from function, variables and scripts)
  • Stored Code (an area with a view of the relevant disk workspace and the scripts stored there)
  • Console View
  • Edit workspace (an area to write and edit variables, functions and saved scripts, this area may adapt to be relevant to the types used for example a table maybe look like a traditional table or like the Q code for a table)
  • Output View (an area maybe a new window for the out put whether a graph or a file or anything else)
  • Reference and Help section

More space is allocated to the console view and edit workspace as I believe these areas will be used more and the others are more resources that can be used to pick and choose from.

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